A First Aid Kit For Dogs

A first aid kit for dogs


"It's a dog eat dog world, and Mr. Perfect is a Milk Bone."
Bobby Heenan

Being a dog owner, you may find yourself needing to give your dog first aid. Dogs are curious creatures and sometimes get into hazardous situations. When they get into difficulty, it will be your job to give them support. A lot of the problems a dog faces are similar to those of our own. Until you can acquire a vet, he will depend on you. Having the supplies that is required on hand will certainly help you to be effective.

Rolls of gauze and tape are practical to slow or stop blood loss and are essential in your doggie first aid kit. You can also find some excellent blood-clotting topical products to add to the kit. Hydrogen peroxide is significant for cleaning wounds. An old clean blanket is essential for wrapping a dog in shock. A first aid kit should also include an antihistamine for bee or wasp stings, an antibiotic cream or gel and eye rinse equipment. Also, absorbent cotton, gauze rolls or pads, scissors (preferably those with rounded tips), tweezers, a rectal thermometer; syringes (without a needle) for giving oral medications, and elastic bandages.

Take time to learn the basics of first aid. Keep your vet's phone number at hand in case you need to call him. If you assume that your dog requires specialized care in the middle of the night or on a weekend, consider calling your vet and advising him of the situation. He may possibly have some good advice or instructions to help you. Many locales now have pet crisis centers. It is advisable to store their number in your first aid kit as well.

Keep in mind that an injured dog is scared and may possibly bite, or nip at you. If you believe this is possible, a muzzle is another addition you can add to your kit. Steer clear of giving your dog Tylenol. Ask your vet before it is needed what kind of pain medication is acceptable, and store some of it with the rest your doggie first-aid kit.


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