Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

Playful cats are fun to watch


"When I played in the sandbox, the cat kept covering me up."Rodney Dangerfield


Playing with your cat is the greatest possible technique to build a bond between the two of you. She or he will become more friendly and you will feel closer to him or her.

The best way to ensure that your cat does not become fat is by feeding him correctly with a balanced diet... True, but exercise also plays a key role in keeping your kitty healthy. If yours is an indoor cat, then playing with you may be his only chance for physical exertion and staying in shape.

Playing will help your cat to grow to become self-confident. Also, habitual play periods, coupled with petting sessions, will get your cat used to individual interaction. Thus, he will be less likely to shy away and disappear, when visitors come over.

Playing will help your cat develop his hunting abilities as well. Hunting is a natural instinct for every cat. A cat confined to being at home more often than not has less of a chance to express and develop this instinct. Persuade kitty to chase a toy mouse, allow him or her to pounce for the 'kill'. This will assist him should he ever become abandoned or left outside the house and must find food.

Playing will help your cat release aggression. Cats habitually display aggressive traits through boredom. Tutor your cat not to scratch, sink its teeth into, or strike you during play sessions. Use praise to reward your cat for playing gently. As soon as he shows any sign he is about to use his teeth or claws - stop the play session. This will instruct your cat that aggressive behavior is best aimed at his toys, and not you!

Cats need fun in their lives, just like humans need fun in theirs. Relieve the repetitiveness of eating, snoozing and using the litter box by putting a bit of entertainment in your cats life. You will have a happier, more confident and less aggressive kitty.


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