Disabled People Make Great Dog Owners

The disabled dog owner


"A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad."
Robert Wagner


Just because you are dealing with a disability does not indicate that you can’t have a dog in your life. Studies show that doing so will help you as well as the dog. There are a few things you can do to make the event easier deal with.

If you need help giving your dog medicine, fluids, or shots, ask your veterinarian if he or she knows of someone who will make local visits. If not, contact local pet-sitters to find ones who will assist you. Many pet-sitters are taught to execute these functions for a sick pet who's owner cannot do these tasks for themselves or for owners whilst they are away from home.

To play with your dog, make use of flashlights or laser pointers. Dogs go for chasing the light, and you won't have to move about . As a substitute, purchase a remote control car for him to go after. He gets the needed exercise and you don't have to get over-exhausted or winded.

If you have trouble performing simple functions for yourself, investigate the use of a service or assistance dog. Assistance dogs are taught to help people with bodily limitations achieve their everyday functions. Assistance and service dogs are accepted in public places completely, just as guide dogs and hearing dogs are.

Separate large bags of food into smaller containers to help with lifting and filling dishes. If you get sizeable dishes, you will spend less time and energy filling them. There are dog food stands that raise the bowls above floor level so you won’t have to bend as much when you load them.

Walking a dog whilst you are disabled can be challenging. Contemplate hiring a neighborhood youngster to do this or have a pet sitter come by and walk your dog everyday. Fenced-in yards are another alternative to think about. Having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the companionship of a dog. It just takes a little adjusting for you both to be happy.


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