Dogs and Cats In the Same House

These two are happy living together

Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life. - James Cromwell


Dogs are habitually territorial, protective, and defensive, and will fight not just new cats but other new dogs as well. They tend to mark their territory and will battle anyone who invades their area.

Cats have the similar tendencies and even if they are smaller than dogs, they will scratch and scrap for their territory. However, they tend to be loners.

The first and foremost step is obedience. This is crucial, and exceptionally true for the dog, which is habitually the attacker in this type of situation. You have to prepare your dog to conform when you say "NO".

First Phase: Allow your cat to wander about the house. Cats love to stray and this will make her scent become scattered within your house.

Second Phase: Secure your cat in one room of the house and let your dog wander about the house sniffing for the cat's scent. This will get your dog acquainted with your cats smell/scent and train the dog that the cat is part of the household.

Dogs will more often than not start barking whenever they see some other animal or animals in their territory, hoping to scare them away. They may or may not charge at them immediately. But, once he starts barking, this is where the obedience part starts to come in.

Express, Command, or say "NO" and make him comprehend that the cat is also a pet. Once your dog starts to calm down when in the presence of the cat, then it's onto the third phase.

Third Phase: Time to let him sniff the cat. Once your dog starts to determine not to bark at your cat, and allowed to sniff the cat without harming or fighting, you know that you've done the establishment (Third Phase) part successfully.

Forth and Final Phase: The finishing step is making sure that the mutual pets have the time to coexist. This part is typically one of the cat's best features. Cats have the propensity to be detached and stay away from dogs and other individuals. It's not for the reason that they are scared of the dog or people in general, but more because it's their temperament to be left alone.

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