Why Your Cat Won’t Use The Litter box

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"No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens." - Abraham Lincoln

The chief complaint of cat owners is owed to having a cat that out of the blue decides it doesn’t want to eliminate in his litter box. Besides the odor, there is the added cost of stained rugs and the embarrassment when visitors stop by. Cats are, however, genuinely clean pets and you will need to do some investigating to see what is going on that may have changed this habit.

The first explanation cats stop using their litter box is hygiene. How regularly do you clean the box? While one cat may tolerate once a day, others may insist the box be cleaned everytime they use it. In the latter case, it might help if you can invest in a self-cleaning litter box. If expense is an issue, then try cleaning the box more often and observe if this helps.

Have you in recent times changed litter brands? Most cats desire the brand name they are used to. This doesn’t have to be the most luxurious; some cats actually prefer the cheaper brands. If you find a brand that seems to make your cat content, by all means stick with it.

A more important reason a cat may avoid using his litter box is illness. An outing to the vet to have your cat checked for a potential urinary track infection could be in best. A cat with such an infection may be having pain upon urinating and connect that pain with the litter box.

Keeping in mind that most cats will not stop using a litter box once educated should make it easier for you to comprehend why it is not. Try finding the cause by eliminating things one by one. Both you and your cat will be much happier for the effort. He stays out of turmoil and you benefit by a cleaner smelling house and nice carpet.


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