Your Cats Eyes


"The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat." - Jules Renard

Cats are remarkably good at seeing in the night and that is why they are such excellent hunters. Their eyes are considerably larger and more sphere-shaped than those of a human in proportion to the rest of their body, and this size and profile allows them to see things in circumstances where there is very little light.

It is also why they can clearly wander around at night and capture their prey, and if you are unlucky they might just carry it back to present it to you in the way of bugs, birds, mice and all sorts of other creatures that you don't want to share your bed with in the middle of the night.

Cats will bring their capture in to show you when they are looking for some form of affirmative appreciation, and even though you might not want to see what they have caught, they should be congratulated for what they have accomplished whenever possible.

A cat's eyesight only allows them to see clearly for a few feet but fortunately that have a keen sense of smell that can help them become conscious of approaching danger.

They are also very receptive to vibration and can 'suspect' someone's presence sooner than they can see them.

As they get older they will tend to be less aware and will need additional care so that they don't get into danger with dogs and other animals that they haven't noticed approaching them.

Cats are unable to rotate their eyes as much as humans and many other animals, but they are a lot more adaptable and can rotate their head a lot more, and that more than makes up for any lack of movement in their eyes.

Cats also are generally more adjusted to movement and can find their prey a lot easier in the dark than when there is too much sunlight.



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